CEDAR email: Survey of opinions about the Portfolio Review

John D. Sahr jdsahr at uw.edu
Sat Jul 9 13:38:56 MDT 2016

Dear CEDAR Community:

I've created a small survey through which you could offer an opinion about
the Portfolio Review
that was released this Spring, and discussed at CEDAR 2016 in Santa Fe.


The NAS/NRC is soliciting feedback from stakeholders; I'd like to offer you
this simple opportunity to provide feedback to three (simple) questions.
There is also a means for you to provide additional commentary.

I will interpret your responses as confidential, and forward a summary to
the NRC.

The NRC is seeking informal feedback by 18 July (sooner than I expected),
so your prompt response would be gratefully received.


John D Sahr, Professor, Electrical Engineering - University of Washington
206 685 1793    jdsahr at uw.edu
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