CEDAR email: Announcement of Joint Special Issue: JGR-Space and JGR-Atmospheres

Robyn Millan Robyn.Millan at dartmouth.edu
Sat Sep 12 18:07:15 MDT 2015

Announcement of Joint Special Issue: JGR-Space and JGR-Atmospheres
Title: *Energetic Electron Loss and its Impacts on the Atmosphere*
Open for submissions: Sept. 1, 2015 - January 29, 2016
Organizers: Robyn Millan, Pekka Verronen and Alexa Halford

Manuscripts are invited for a joint special issue between JGR-Space Physics
and JGR-Atmospheres on recent advances in energetic (~120 keV - 10 MeV)
electron loss in the magnetosphere and the impacts of energetic
precipitation on the atmosphere.

We welcome submissions on the study of processes that cause energetic
precipitation and quantify the relative importance of precipitation versus
magnetopause loss for the radiation belts and ring current. There is
evidence that energetic precipitation may have significant impacts on the
atmosphere through the production of odd hydrogen (HOx) and odd nitrogen
(NOx), which can affect ozone chemistry, and lead to modification of
atmospheric dynamics in the polar regions.

This special issue welcomes observational studies that use historical or
recent data sets as well as theoretical studies of electron loss and its
impacts. Manuscripts should be submitted through the JGR-Space Physics or
JGR-Atmospheres web sites.

For additional information please contact Robyn.Millan at dartmouth.edu or
contact the journal directly:  jgr-spacephysics at agu.org or
jgr-atmospheres at agu.org
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