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Sun Nov 22 19:40:54 MST 2015

Dear CEDAR Community

I apologize for the previous post, there was a mistake. Below please find
the announcement for our 2016 Research Experience Program. Based on the
feedback from the participants and their advisors, we are motivated to
continue with the program next year.

Currently we have NSF funds to support four students 100%. We might be able
to accommodate four more students if you as advisors are able to cover some
of the expenses (e.g., airline ticket).

During the program, the students have the opportunity to gain hands-on
experience in incoherent scatter radars and scientific instrumentation.

In recent years, we have added a variety of instruments and tools for
atmospheric and ionospheric science that you might want to explore or get
involved in.

The students will also be assigned a project related to equatorial aeronomy
science or to different topics of engineering and physics.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions don't hesitate to contact
any of us.

We are attaching a JIREP 2016 call for applications poster that you might
want to share with your students and colleagues.

*Important Dates:*

*• Application deadline:* January 31, 2016
• *Decision:* February 22, 2016
• *Starting date: *Anytime between May 19 until June 20, 2016
• *Duration:* 10 weeks

*How to apply?*

Download the  application
<http://jro.igp.gob.pe/jirep/doc/JIREP_ApplicationForm.xls> and
 recommendation forms or request at
http://jro.igp.gob.pe/jirep/  or by contacting us at  jirep at jro.igp.gob.pe

You can find us in Facebook:

PS: To get an idea of what our previous students think about the program,
you can read their testimonies at

Best regards,

Dave, Marco and Danny

David Hysell <david.hysell at cornell.edu>,
Marco Antonio Milla <marco.milla at jro.igp.gob.pe>,
Danny Scipion <danny.scipion at jro.igp.gob.pe>,
Pierina Morales <Pierina.morales at jro.igp.gob.pe>,
Alina Montes alina.montes at jro.igp.gob.pe
*Telf : 051(1)- 317-2313*
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