CEDAR email: News from the NSF Division of Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences: New Geospace Section Head

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Dear Geospace colleagues:

It is my distinct pleasure to announce that Dr. Therese Moretto Jorgensen has been appointed as Head, Geospace Sciences (GS) Section, in the Division of Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences at NSF.

Starting with her Ph.D. in theoretical physics from Oxford, she has over 20 years of experience in geospace sciences.  She joined the Foundation in November of 2004, after serving as Senior Researcher at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.  Since that time Therese has served as a Program Officer in the Geospace Sciences Section, accumulating over ten years of experience with the Section and the variety of science that it manages.
In her time at NSF she has worked on various aspects of aeronomy, solar-terrestrial processes, magnetospheric physics, and space weather.  She has played a key role in developing the Cubesat program and establishing effective collaborations with NASA to enable low-cost satellite missions that both promote and develop geospace science, and engage and inspire students.   She developed the Space Weather program in GS and has contributed to strategic planning for the National Space Weather Program.  Among her achievements in development of Space Weather research capabilities is her support of the development of the AMPERE project, which utilized the existing commercial Iridium constellation of satellites to routinely collect geomagnetic field data.   Among her passions and achievements is the promotion of diversity in Geospace Sciences.  Therese joins the other two Section Heads in AGS, Pat Harr (Atmosphere Section) and Sarah Ruth (NCAR and Facilities Section), completing the AGS Leadership Team.
Dr. Moretto Jorgensen's appointment was effective November 1, 2015.

In this time of transition, the Geospace Section was very ably and generously served by Acting Section Heads Vladimir Papitashvili, and Janet Kozyra.  We are grateful for their expert and capable help during this time.

Please join us in congratulating Therese!  We look forward to working in partnership with Therese on the continuing success of Geospace Sciences at NSF, and in her service to the geospace science community.

Paul Shepson


Dr. Paul B. Shepson

Director, Division of Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences

National Science Foundation

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