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*Post-Doctoral Vacancy in *

*Arctic Atmospheric Lidar Research in Canada*

The High Arctic is changing very fast and these changes are important, 
both within the region and as their influence propagates out to lower 
latitudes. Using measurements from the Polar Environment Atmospheric 
Research Laboratory (PEARL) at Eureka, Nunavut and measurements from 
other sites around the Arctic and the rest of the globe, the Probing the 
Atmosphere of the High Arctic (PAHA) project – which involves many 
Canadian University researchers - is investigating the Atmosphere of the 
Canadian High Arctic using a variety of instrumentation.

The PAHA project has an opportunity for a post-doctoral fellow (PDF) to 
work with the Canadian Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Change 
(CANDAC) Differential Absorption Lidar (DIAL). The CANDAC DIAL has been 
in operation for over 20 years and can obtain measurements of 
stratospheric ozone, troposphere and lower stratospheric water vapour 
and stratospheric aerosols. It is in the process of being refurbished. 
Eureka is an ideal site to study ozone changes over the Arctic since it 
is at a high enough latitude (80N) to be within the winter Polar Vortex 
for much of the time.

The successful applicant will be responsible for the validation of the 
measurements with the refurbished system and scientific studies using 
the DIAL lidar measurements. Participation in measurement campaigns in 
Eureka may also be possible. Collaboration with other PAHA researchers 
and other research groups is encouraged.

We seek a candidate with demonstrated experience with lidar hardware and 
data analysis. Experience with ozone lidar and/or scientific experience 
working in the areas of stratospheric dynamics, chemistry and 
troposphere-stratosphere coupling would be advantageous.

The position will be based at the University of Western Ontario under 
the supervision of Prof. R. Sica. Applicants should submit a resume and 
a statement indicating how they would expect to contribute to the above 
projects. Applicants should also arrange for two academic references to 
be submitted.

Applications and references should be sent by e-mail to Prof. James 
Drummond (Principal Investigator of PAHA) at Dalhousie University - 
_james.drummond at dal.ca <mailto:james.drummond at dal.ca>_

Review of applications will begin on July 15 with a view to making a 
decision before August 7.

More details about PEARL, its several Lidars and the PAHA project can be 
found at http://www.candac.ca

The PAHA project is funded under the Natural Sciences and Engineering 
Research Council (NSERC) Canadian Climate and Atmospheric Research 
program. Appointments under this program will be under NSERC guidelines. 
In particular, support is usually limited to a maximum of two years. 
Other employment conditions will be those of the university of residence 
for the PDF.

/All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply. The PAHA project and 
all the universities involved are Employment Equity/Affirmative Action 
employers. They encourage applications from qualified Aboriginal people, 
persons with a disability, racially visible persons and women./

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