CEDAR email: CEDAR Session: The High-latitude Geospace System (Wed, 6/24, 10-12)

Semeter, Joshua L jls at bu.edu
Wed Jun 17 09:43:29 MDT 2015

Invitation to CEDAR Grand Challenge Workshop Session:  The High-Latitude Geospace System
Wednesday June 24, 10:00-12:00, Kane 130

At polar latitudes the convergent magnetic field serves as a lens, projecting solar wind-magnetosphere-ionosphere interactions to a confined latitudinal range.   The intense interplay among particles and fields within this region and along its boundaries can drive the geospace system on a planetary scale.  This Grand Challenge session seeks to gain new insight into geospace system dynamics at high magnetic latitudes through a synthesis of measurements, models, and analysis approaches, as pursued concurrently by various groups.

This year’s session will focus on three themes:  (1) Distributed sensing from ground and space, (2) Model-data assimilation,  and (3) ITM measurements as magnetospheric diagnostic.   The session will be guided by a  series of short presentations, followed by a group discussion about strategic investments.   Audience participation/interruption is welcome!

Presenter schedule (tentative):
10:00 Josh Semeter - Session intro, and comment on gradients in the polar ionosphere
10:15 Mathew Zettergren - 3D simulation of ionospheric cavitation by M-I coupling
10:25 Shasha Zou - Evolution of SED plumes and their role in ion outflow
10:35 Brian Anderson - Results from the AMPERE project
10:45 Eric Donovan - TREx and the data cube
10:55 Nathan Case - The Aurorasaurus project
11:05 Tomoko Matsuo - Data assimilation for high-latitude electrodynamics
11:15 Toshi Nishimura - Dayside-polar cap-nightside ionospheric connections by flow channels.
11:25 Larry Lyons - Auroral surges and their coupling to equatorward flows
11:35 Steven Kaeppler - Updating Empirical Conductance Relations using ISR Observations
11:45 Discussion: If I had $2M/$20M/$100M  I would invest it in X because Y (solve for X and Y).

This session will be followed by a synergistic session on "Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere Coupling in the Polar Cap: Drivers and Impacts"

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