CEDAR email: Invitation to 2015 CEDAR Workshop "Jicamarca instruments and radar modes"

David Hysell david.hysell at cornell.edu
Thu Jun 11 09:03:09 MDT 2015

We invite your participation in the upcoming CEDAR workshop "Jicamarca 
instruments and radar modes" which is intended to promote new research 
in the low-latitude atmosphere and ionosphere in the American sector. 
There will be two sessions: a panel discussion on Thursday from 
1000-1200 in 210 Kane followed by a program of presentations on Thursday 
from 1600-1800, also in 210 Kane. The purpose of the panel is to help 
chart the course for low-latitude aeronomy research in light of the 
CEDAR strategic plan and other imperatives in AGS. The presentations 
will exemplify contemporary research trends and the impact of recent 
technological improvements at Jicamarca and in our field generally. A 
description of the presentation program and the motivation for the 
entire workshop can be found at:


Please send comments to the workshop organizers. We hope to see  you there.

David L. Hysell <mailto:david.hysell at cornell.edu>
Marco Milla <mailto:marco.milla at jro.igp.gob.pe>
Fabiano Rodrigues <mailto:fabiano at utdallas.edu>

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