CEDAR email: C/NOFS Workshop at CEDAR

GENTILE, LOUISE C DR-03 USAF AFMC AFRL/RVBXP louise.gentile.1 at us.af.mil
Wed Jun 10 14:03:36 MDT 2015

We invite you to attend the C/NOFS: Topside/Bottomside Dynamics Workshop on Tuesday afternoon, 23 June, at 1:30 pm in Kane 210.   C/NOFS PI teams will present some of their latest observations from above and below the peak of the F-layer and discuss their plans for the last few months of C/NOFS operations.   The C/NOFS orbit is gradually decaying; apogee is now ~475 km and perigee ~345 km.  Although our current funding covers C/NOFS operations only, we are encouraging collaborations for research studies that take advantage of this extraordinary database.   You may also submit your prediction for C/NOFS reentry: date, time in UT, and location!  

L. C. Gentile 

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