CEDAR email: Invitation to 2015 CEDAR workshop "Long-term variations in the geospace environment"

Jeff Klenzing jeffrey.klenzing at nasa.gov
Wed Jun 3 03:41:11 MDT 2015

*Invitation to 2015 CEDAR workshop "Long-term variations in the geospace 

Long term variations in the geospace environment are caused by a variety 
of sources, including the 11-year solar cycle and the secular variation 
in the geomagnetic field. Accurate knowledge of long-term trends in all 
portions of the geospace environment are essential to understand and 
predict behaviour in the ionosphere and thermosphere. The changing 
predictions for the current solar cycle (24) are a good example of how 
this gap in our knowledge limits forecasting capability. It also 
highlights the importance of incorporating multiple sources of data.

There are now many instruments and datasets that have been operating 
continuously or sporadically over several solar cycles, allowing 
long-term studies of the influence of solar irradiance, secular changes 
in the magnetic field, and changes in the composition of the lower 
atmosphere and thermosphere. This workshop will address the progress and 
problems in our understanding of these long-term variations. Invited 
talks will give an overview of the available datasets and discuss the 
current state of investigation of long-term variations in the sun, 
geomagnetic field, ionosphere/thermosphere, and lower atmosphere. 
Submitted presentations and directed discussion will cover topics 
including long-term variation in the solar spectrum, the influence of 
changes in lower atmospheric composition on the upper atmosphere, and 
the long-term variability of the ionosphere. This workshop will help 
observational space physicists and modelers share their progress and 
requirements to better attack the problem of long-term variations in 
interconnected regions of the geospace environment.

*Time: 16:00-18:00 on June 25th, 2015 (Thursday)

We would like to inviteinterested people to present their work, tools, 
or ideas in this session.  More information can be found at the CEDAR 


Convenors: Jeff Klenzing (jeffrey.klenzing at nasa.gov), Angeline Burrell 
(ab763 at leicester.ac.uk)*

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