CEDAR email: CEDAR Posters can and should be hung now until Thursday 10AM

Barbara Emery emery at ucar.edu
Mon Jun 23 13:55:35 MDT 2014

This is a generic mailing to the CEDAR community sent 23 June 2014.
Meetings and jobs are listed at http://cedarweb.hao.ucar.edu under
'Community' as 'Calendar of Meetings' and 'CEDAR related opportunities'.
CEDAR email messages are under 'Community' as 'CEDAR email Newsletters'.
All are in 'Quick Links' on the main page.
CEDAR Posters can be posted now in Haggett Hall.
>From Barbara Emery (emery at ucar.edu).

Dear CEDAR Poster Presenters,

The poster boards are up in Haggett Hall.  Please put up your posters as
soon as possible.
Haggett Hall is unlocked from 8AM to 7PM Monday, 7AM-730PM Tuesday,
330-730PM Wednesday,
7AM-1030AM Thursday.  All posters can be up from now to Thursday 10AM
Student posters in competition must be up from Monday late PM to Thursday
early AM.

Thank you,

Barbara Emery and Kendra Greb, CEDAR Organizers

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