CEDAR email: Your participation wanted in our CEDAR session: Geospace System Science (GSS), 1:30-3:30PM (Pacific Standard time) MON, 23 June 2014

Naomi Maruyama naomi.maruyama at noaa.gov
Fri Jun 20 10:55:51 MDT 2014

Dear Colleagues,

     We would like to invite you to participate in our CEDAR session: 
Geospace System Science:
The overarching objectives of our session is to develop an improved 
understanding of the geospace system response to storms and substorms. 
We seek to identify and investigate the underlying coupling processes 
and interactions between the magnetosphere and the 
ionosphere-thermosphere (the M-I-T system) at middle and high latitudes.

     We would like to address the science questions from system level 
perspective by bringing together a broad range of expertise to our 
discussions. We intend to coordinate with the GEM community to tackle 
our challenges from the systems perspectives. In particular, a joint 
campaign approach has been discussed with the GEM Focus Group: 
Storm-Time Inner Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Convection (SIMIC). 
Furthermore, we will initiate coordination discussions with another GEM 
FG: Geospace Systems Science.

     Free flowing discussions are a very important part of our workshop. 
The success of our session will depend on your participation to the 
workshop and discussions. You can participate our session remotely via 

Here is the list of the speakers in our session:

  * Joe Borovsky: new GEM FG: "Geospace Systems Science"
  * Brian Anderson: AMPERE
  * Gang Lu: An integrated observation and modeling investigation of
    thermospheric response to the April 2010 storm
  * Margaret Chen & Richard Walterscheid: Simulating storm events using
    a recently developed one-way coupling of the RCM-E & TIEGCM models.
  * Shasha Zou: On the characteristics of the Storm Enhanced Density
    Plumes: origin of the convection flow and field-aligned ion flux
  * Larry Lyons: New results on flow bursts in the SAPS region and their
    connection to auroral streamers and BBFs
  * Phil Erickson: SAPS and MI coupling.
  * wrap-up discussions

Please come to Kane-130 or participate remotely via GoToMeeting!
Please contact naomi dot maruyama at noaa dot gov if you are interested 
to connect to GoToMeeting.
We will really look forward to your participation!


Naomi Maruyama, Tony Mannucci, Mike Ruohoniemi, Phil Erickson, Jo Baker, 
Simon Shepherd

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