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At high latitudes, the convergent magnetic field serves as a lens, projecting interactions among the solar wind, magnetosphere, ionosphere, and thermosphere to a limited latitudinal range which can, in turn, drive  geospace dynamics at all latitudes.   This Grand Challenge workshop seeks to exploit the growing network of sensors deployed to the polar regions to improve our understanding geospace in Earth's open magnetic-field regions.   Our arsenal of sensors now includes the first ever incoherent scatter radars deployed to the north geomagnetic pole (RISR-N and RISR-C) and two new satellite missions (e-POP and SWARM), which are providing new constraints above and within the high-latitude ITM system.

This 4-year workshop will provide a forum for investigators looking into different aspects of the same physical system.  The goals for the first year are to assess the state of knowledge, identify controversies, and plan experimental operations.  The science questions that will guide our inaugural session are:
• How does solar wind-magnetotail-ionosphere coupling affect the structure and composition of the polar ionosphere?
• What are the effects on the neutral atmosphere, and what is the range of influence of these disturbances?
• What governs the internal structure and RF propagation characteristics of plasma patches?
• How do these processes affect plasma outflow and its impact on magnetospheric configuration?

A tentative list of presenters is included below.  All are encouraged to join discussions throughout the sessions:

PLENARY TUTORIAL (Tues):   Dr. Herbert Carlson

SESSION 1 (Tues, 10-12, Kane 130):
Joshua Semeter - Workshop introduction
Michael Nicolls - RISR-N status, operations, and data
Emma Spanswick - RISR-C status
Hanna Dahlgren - SolarWind-M-I coupling in the polar cap
Matthew Zettergren - 3D transport modeling of polar auroral processes
James Hecht - VISIONS experiment
Jonathan Burchill - First light measurements of SWARM ion upflow
David Knudsen - SWARM results.
Seebany Datta-Barua - High-latitude GPS scintillation
Eric donovan - The TREx project
Group discussion

SESSION 2 (Tues, 13:30-15:30, Kane 130):
Jan Sojka - Topside sounding from ISIS and Allouette satellites
Roger Varny - First Results from a RISR-N Polar Cap Topside Experiment
Shasha Zou - Patches
Jean-Pierre St. Maurice - ionospheric electrodynamics
Gareth Perry - PolarDARN/RISR studies of convection
John Swoboda - optimal processing for multi-beam RISR experiments.
Toshi Nishimura - polar cap-auroral oval interactions
Bea Gallardo-Lacourt - plasma flows and auroral beading
Qian Wu - TIEGCM modeling of winds
Paul Song - Alfvenic coupling
Group discussion

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