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Aaron Ridley ridley at umich.edu
Fri Jan 25 05:44:35 MST 2013

Dear colleagues,

  I am an editor for the journal Geoscientific Model Development.  From its website:

Geoscientific Model Development (GMD) is an international scientific journal dedicated to the publication and public discussion of the description, development and evaluation of numerical models of the Earth System and its components. Manuscript types considered for peer-reviewed publication are:

	• Geoscientific model descriptions, from box models to GCMs;
	• Development and Technical papers, describing development such as new parameterisations or technical aspects of running models such as the reproducibility of results;
	• Papers describing new standard experiments for assessing model performance, or novel ways of comparing model results with observational data;
	• Model intercomparison descriptions, including experimental details and project protocols.

The journal has an interesting way of working with reviews.  It is an open access journal with public peer review and an interactive public discussion.  By this I mean that the papers, when they are under review, are open to anyone who would like to read and comment on them.  The reviews (which remain anonymous) are also available for the public.  In other words, anyone can see the reviews and rebuttals.

If you would like to publish a paper on your model or the methods in your model or results utilizing your model, it would be great to give the journal a look.  While there are not many publications in space physics in this journal yet, I think that the open access aspect of the journal is significantly better than the AGU journals.

Please consider GMD when you are submitting your next modeling paper!


Aaron Ridley
Associate Professor
1416 Space Research Building
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI  48109-2143
(734) 764-5727

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