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Barbara Emery emery at ucar.edu
Tue Jan 8 14:17:02 MST 2013

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(1) Chapman Conference on Solar Minimum 8-12 April at Key Largo, FL abstract 
deadline is 8 January 2013 (TODAY).
 From Stan Solomon <stans at ucar.edu>.

The Chapman Conference on the Causes and Consequences of the Extended Solar 
Minimum between solar cycles 23 and 24 (4CESM) is scheduled for 8-12 April, 
2013, at the Hilton Key Largo Resort, Key Largo, Florida.

The recent solar minimum between solar cycles 23 and 24, during 2008-2009, was 
unusually long and complex, resulting in many observed effects indicating 
unusual conditions on the Sun, in the heliosphere, and in the magnetosphere, 
ionosphere, and upper atmosphere of the Earth. This remarkable set of conditions 
provides the scientific community with an exceptional opportunity to assess the 
nature and structure of a very quiet Sun and the effects throughout the heliosphere.

The goal of the conference is to bring together the solar, heliospheric, 
magnetospheric, ionospheric, and upper atmosphere communities to discuss 
interdisciplinary work, and to reach a better understanding of the nature and 
structure of the recent solar minimum.  Scientists with interests in solar and 
heliospheric physics, solar interior, solar wind, space climate, space weather, 
magnetosphere, ionosphere, upper atmosphere, and climate, are encouraged to attend.

The abstract deadline is 8 January 2013.  Due to AGU policy, the abstract 
deadline is firm, so please submit your abstracts as soon as possible.

The registration and housing deadline is 13 March 2013.

For more information:  http://chapman.agu.org/solarminimum/


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