CEDAR email: AOGS session ST30 Climatology in the thermosphere and ionosphere

Alan Burns aburns at ucar.edu
Fri Jan 4 14:25:08 MST 2013

We would like to invite you to submit an abstract to AOGS session ST30 
"Climatology in the thermosphere and ionosphere" at the Tenth Asia and 
Oceania Geophysics Society (AOGS) Meeting that will be held in Brisbane, 
Australia from 24 to 28 June, 2013. Please note that the abstract 
submission deadline is 29 January 2013.

Below is the abstract of the session, and more information on AOGS can 
be found at http://www.asiaoceania.org/aogs2013/

Climatology in the thermosphere and ionosphere

Recent experimental and theoretical studies have provided new insights 
into the climatology of the upper thermosphere and F-region ionosphere. 
These studies are continuing to develop as new data sets and new 
modeling capabilities increase our understanding of how the upper 
atmosphere responds to changes in forcing. Examples of these studies 
include: the variations in neutral density over a year and over a solar 
cycle; and the solar cycle variations on the winter anomaly and 
equinoctial peaks of electron density. This session solicits 
presentations that address climatology in the upper thermosphere and 
ionosphere including, but not limited to studies of the last solar 
minimum, long-term trends, and annual and multi-year changes in the 
upper atmosphere. Both observational and modeling studies will be welcomed.


Alan Burns,  HAO/NCAR Boulder, aburns at ucar.edu
Jiuhou Lei,  School of Earth and Space Sci, Hefei, Anhui, China, 
leijh at ustc.edu.cn

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