CEDAR email: Institute of Navigation International Technical Meeting: Jan 28-30, 2013 San Diego

Seebany Datta-Barua sdattaba at iit.edu
Tue Oct 2 11:19:05 MDT 2012

Dear Colleagues,


*ION ITM 2013*

January 28-30, 2013
Catamaran Resort Hotel, San Diego, California****

* *

As a Session Chair for the ION International Technical Meeting (ITM) 2013,
I’d like to personally invite you to submit an abstract for the conference
scheduled to be held January 28-30, 2013 at the Catamaran Resort Hotel, San
Diego, California.****

** **

The ION International Technical Meeting
ION’s winter meeting and is a more intimate conference designed to showcase
advances in positioning, navigation and timing. This year’s plenary session
will focus on "Exploring the Frontiers of Navigation - unique and Exciting
New Uses of Navigation Technologies."  We will have some fantastic speakers
talking about innovative uses of positioning and navigation such as
tracking pelagic fishes like shark and blue fin tuna, use for near real
time satellite information for consumers, and navigating on iceberg and

** **

The deadline to submit an
abstract<https://www.ion.org/meetings/itm2013/itm2013cfa.cfm> is
Friday, October 5, 2012.****

** **

I’m very proud of the program we’ve put together because it focuses new
technologies and ideas centered around important topics like urban and
indoor applications, emerging GNSS and modernization, GNSS processing and
integration, receivers and antenna technology, terrestrial applications,
and many more.****

* *

To submit an abstract, simply go to www.ion.org/itm.****

I look forward to seeing you in January in San Diego.


Seebany Datta-Barua

Seebany Datta-Barua, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Illinois Institute of Technology
P: 312.567.3566
F: 312.567.7230
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