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Job Announcement - Chief of the Geospace Physics Laboratory, NASA 
Goddard Space Flight Center
From: Guan Le (Guan.Le at nasa.gov)

A civil service position is available in the Heliophysics Science 
Division, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, for a supervisory 
astrophysicist to serve as Chief of the Geospace Physics Laboratory 
(Code 673). The mission of the Geospace Physics Laboratory is to perform 
fundamental research on processes occurring in the magnetospheres of 
magnetized planets and on the interaction of the solar wind with 
planetary magnetospheres. The Chief develops and maintains the 
Laboratory's strategic vision, provides supervisory and administrative 
oversight of civil service personnel, resources, and tasks, and provides 
scientific and technical guidance. The Chief also carries out 
peer-reviewed scientific research in Heliophysics, and leads in the 
development of new missions, instruments, and theoretical investigations 
to achieve NASA goals. Evidence of management experience and leadership 
in the scientific community is highly desirable.

This appointment will be at the GS-15 level. U.S. citizenship is 
required. Please direct technical inquiries to michael.hesse-1 at nasa.gov 
(301-286-6418) and procedural inquiries to GSFC-TAO at mail.nasa.gov 

Please click on this link Supervisory Research Astrophysicist, AST, 
Fields and Particles  or you can visit http://usajobs.gov, search for 
Job Announcement Number GS12B0053, and submit your resume. Note that the 
closing date is 04/12/2012.

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