CEDAR email: CEDAR-GEM 2011 on-line videos; Swarm proposals due 31 Oct

Barbara Emery emery at ucar.edu
Fri Oct 21 16:31:50 MDT 2011

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(1) CEDAR-GEM 2011 Workshop Videos on-line and as DVDs.
 From Barbara Emery (emery at ucar.edu).
See also http://cedarweb.hao.ucar.edu/wiki/index.php/Workshop:CEDAR_Videos

(2) Swarm proposals due 31 October.
From: Eigil Friis-Christensen <efc at space.dtu.dk>.
See also http://eopi.esa.int/esa/esa?cmd=aodetail&aoname=SwarmSVO

(1) CEDAR-GEM 2011 Workshop Videos on-line and as DVDs.
 From Barbara Emery (emery at ucar.edu).

The 2011 Joint CEDAR-GEM Workshop was held June 26-July 1 in Santa Fe,
NM.  Three hours of joint plenary, one hour of CEDAR plenary, and two
hours of joint data assimilation workshop time were video-taped.  These
also included the IT-MAG perspectives on outflow and inner magnetosphere-ionosphere
coupling, system science, a GPS tutorial by Anthea Coster, the CEDAR Prize
lecture by Joe Huba.  All the items video-tapes and are listed at

For the second year, on-line .mp4 video files are also available at this
URL along with .pdf files of the presentations.  For those who want to
buy the presentations, they are available on three DVDs for $70 (or $25
per DVD) from Brian Day (brian at daylightav.com, cell 720-933-0598,
phone (303) 440-3334, fax (303) 442-8180) of Daylight Productions and Rentals.

Other presentations from the Joint Workshop are available as .pdf files
linked to the agenda or to individual workshop pages at
which will be kept as archives.  Workshop conveners and presenters are encouraged
to add their materials to these wiki pages.

(2) Swarm proposals due 31 October.
From: Eigil Friis-Christensen <efc at space.dtu.dk>.

Dear colleague

Being the lead proposer for the ESA Swarm mission constellation
described at
some time ago (the selection was in 2004), I am very happy to see the 
operational phase approaching  with a launch presently scheduled for mid-July 
2012 as manifested in the recent official ESA Announcement of the Science and 
Validation Opportunity, cf.
with proposal deadline on 31 October.

In this call ESA asks for two kind of proposals: a) validation of L1b data (i.e. 
of the time series of the magnetic field and of other geophysical parameters), 
and b) scientific use of these Swarm data within various disciplines.

While the validation of L1B products this is a genuine ESA effort, I am with my 
long term involvement in the mission of course interested in the largest 
possible utilisation of the unique observations that will be available for the 
scientific community.

As indicated in the guidelines the registration as a Swarm user can be done at 
any time but a response to the present Opportunity will provide a very good 
picture of the current interest in Swarm, which is important for our visibility 
inside ESA and therefore also important for possible future support from ESA in 
the scientific exploitation of the data. In addition, you may of course also use 
the response on your proposal to solicit national and/or institutional funding 
of your activities.

The document:


appears rather comprehensive since it describes both the Validation and the 
Science (Data Exploitation) proposals. But the latter (see Chapter 3) is far 
less demanding regarding necessary information in the proposal.

In summary, I would be happy to see a large response from the community. Swarm 
is a great mission and it will not be surpassed by any other mission in this 
science area in a foreseeable time.




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