[Actingprez] UCAR Acting President for January 2013

Susan Montgomery-Hodge montgoms at ucar.edu
Thu Dec 20 15:08:18 MST 2012

Hi Katy:

This is to confirm that you will be UCAR Acting President on the 
following dates.  As always, please send us an electronic copy of 
anything which you sign, date, and note your acting capacity on during 
these time periods.  Thanks so much.

Monday through Friday, January 7-11
Tuesday (afternoon) through Friday, January 22-25
Thursday (afternoon) through Friday, January 31st - Feb. 1st.

Thanks again, Katy.


Susan Montgomery-Hodge                          montgoms at ucar.edu
Executive Assistant to                          phone: (303) 497-1653
Thomas J. Bogdan,                               fax:   (303) 497-1654
UCAR President

University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR)
3090 Center Green Drive
Boulder, CO  80301	

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